Sunday, June 2, 2013

Carlsberg’s Where’s The Party is back!!

Hello readers! ♥  I bet everyone of you knows Carlsberg right? But do u guys know about Where’s The Party? It is Malaysia MOST EPIC PARTY! So are you bold enough to attend? I was so excited when my friend first told me about this. FYI, I seldom attend this kind of party,  but after my friend told me about the event, I couldn’t wait to Google it.

This is the video that I found on Youtube, you need to really look at it to know what’s the party all about.

Since 2010, Carlsberg’s unique “Where’s The Party?” event has been the talk of the town, this year the party is taking place on 6 July at a location still unknown. There are few more teaser parties will be held nationwide, each teaser party will give away few invites and feel free to participating in the fun games they have in store. If you missed the previous Mini Where’s The Party, don’t fret! Check out for more info and upcoming parties!

Want an invitation to the main event? Here’s how you can win some passes:

1. Purchasing RM100 worth of Carlsberg beer.

As you all can see,Just RM100 worth of Carlsberg beer,
head on to  Carlsberg’s Facebook App (Carlsberg’s Party Pass Giveaway Facebook Tab) and follow the instructions: you’re set! Think of it as chugging down good ol’ barley, just not the usual kind :D

2. Participating in a contest on Carlsberg Malaysia's Facebook page.

You think entering contest is lame? Not when it’s done by the folks at Carlsberg! Check out their contest app on Facebook (Are You Bold Enough tab on Facebook) and give us your boldest answer to the scenarios, you could win yourself 1 pass set that admits 4. Partying without friends is lame, right? :P

3. Snapping a cool photo with Instagram.

The coolest way to obtain your ticket! Why? Because it’s just cool to hashtag #areyouboldenough #wherestheparty #carlsberg and tag @carlsbergMY in your instagram pictures with your friends joining in.  Check out their contest app on Facebook (#areyouboldenough tab on Facebook)

So, are you guys going to join the most epic social event of the year? Hurry and grab your ticket while you still can! It will be a night of fun, friends and Carlsberg!

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